Monday, October 11, 2010

Learning Can Be Made Fun!!

Helping to achieve the best result is always a teachers’ dream. Attaining this object becomes easier by making learning process an enjoyable one for the students. It could help the students to grasp easily what a teacher is trying to deliver. It can also minimize misbehavior in the classroom.

Learning process can be made as both educational and exiting!!
There are various methods by which teacher could make the learning process a pleasant one.  Providing a fun-learning environment gives chance for the students an exploring opportunity through which children learn from each other.
Teachers could include verities of teaching methodologies to deliver the same content in different ways.  Especially teaching science by talk and chalk method would not work at all. Teachers who prefer talk and chalk method should not surprise when many children find science as boring and irrelevant.

Hands- on activities are essential for certain subject like in science.  Like dissecting a small fish, to observe through the digestive system etc.
Some scientific concepts such as the recycling of different nutrients in the environment can be easily delivered with help of a role-play, in which students get a chance to become a certain thing and express its feelings. This also Offer a chance to score for academically unable-students.  

A teacher can start a lesson in a musical way, by a song relevant to the topic area. It will be really helpful for those students who enjoy listing music.
However, it may not be that all the time a teacher could implement a fun lesson everyday throughout the year. But at least teachers can try to include varieties of teaching in each and every lesson, as it would cater the different ability level student in the class.